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Cydonia and Valles Marineris

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1 Cydonia and Valles Marineris on 5/9/2016, 13:21


Cydonia always rings a bell for me, but I cannot remember how I was engaged in this area.
However I have a glimpse of a memory of Valles Marineris and a city with an space ship station port located in the valley and how I was on a clipper preparing to land. It was then completely destroyed but some huge cannon or nuked.

Here's a very cool animation about a flight over the Valles:

I also had a dream when I was to meed a woman named Julia or Gillian who was a guide and a traveller and we were in an area which looked like Mars, or for the closest Earthy reference - Utah. Dry, orange rocks and a flat land.

Do you have any Draconian/Reptilian past memories about these places?


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